Writing about your life a journey into the past

What does Writers Journey offer? The Meditative Methods Jan uses allow you to access the deep subconscious pool of image and sense memory you need to create powerful writing. Getting conscious mind out of the way means the process can become effortless and joyful, free from the struggle and overwhelm that often accompanies long distance writing. Jan has meditations for every aspect of craft and process including:

Writing about your life a journey into the past

Next he details his year career at the New York Herald Tribunewhere he wrote drama and movie features. He draws humorously and self-effacingly on his impromptu role as an extra for Woody Allen in Stardust Memories. With quietly witty insights into academic life, Zinsser charts years spent teaching at Yale while writing freelance for magazines such as Look.

An account of his service as an editor at the Book-of-the-Month Club includes a history of that venerable institution.

writing about your life a journey into the past

Finally Zinsser brings us up-to-date with his recent rebirth as a public pianist. In writing he recommends dwelling on "small, self-contained incidents" and making use of anecdotes and vivid memories. When discussing capturing places in print, he comments usefully on the changing trends of the travel genre increased political correctness.

writing about your life a journey into the past

Zinsser is warmly appreciative of other well-known memoirists and their organizational methods, admiring in particular Thoreau, Frank McCourt, Mary Karr and Annie Dillard. While his frank, affirmative and encouraging style will help anyone embarking on writing their own life story, his book will be especially useful to those of his own generation.Apr 19,  · Gohar Rasheed telling how filmy and harship past he had for getting into this film and tv line.

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[William Zinsser] -- "This book by William Zinsser, author of the classic guide On Writing Well, tells you how to write about the people and places and events in your life that have been important to you - whether you're. Aug 24,  · The first book is a memoir AND a how to write a memoir called “Writing About Your Life: A Journey Into The Past” by the great writer William Zinsser.

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This will satisfy the writer in me. This will satisfy the writer in me. Writing about Your Life: A Journey into the Past by William Zinsser Written with elegance, warmth, and humor, this highly original "teaching memoir" by William Zinsser—renowned bestselling author of On Writing Well gives you the tools to organize and recover your past, and the .

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