Writing a letter to my daughter on her wedding day

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Writing a letter to my daughter on her wedding day

I requested it, but you cooked it because I already felt sick. And so, almost before I told you, you knew. I remember telling you we were pregnant with twins.

You knew I had the ultrasound that day. But, again, you knew before I told you. We boxed our belongings and stored them in your basement, in your upstairs closets and empty farm buildings.

We wrenched up our family and our roots. I imagine it felt like ripping and shattering. I can imagine it felt cold and black, unreal and yet too real. It seems so long ago, the actual leaving, but it also seems so near.

Sometimes I want to apologize to you, for causing this pain. Sometimes I want to apologize for not sending enough updates on the kids or Skyping often enough, for having stand-in relatives. If I could live two lives, one of me would stay put and one would be on this wild adventure I am on.

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So instead, I will simply say thank you. Thank you for teaching us to work hard, to trust like crazy, to dream big, to love deep.

Thank you for helping us pass these qualities on to your grandchildren. Thank you for crying when we left but for never making us feel guilty.

writing a letter to my daughter on her wedding day

Thank you for making space in your homes for our boxes, space for our bodies when we are back. Thank you for giving your grandchildren a safe place to talk about their experiences, for being interested in their lives, for seeing that they are content and for not overturning that. Thank you for all the trips to the airportfor welcome signs and welcome candies, for homemade quilts to warm our freezing toes, for bags of stylish clothes to wear while in the US.

Thank you for picnics and parties and fresh fish fry and bean-bag toss and lasagna and bowls of strawberries. Thank you for keeping family traditions and for slipping us in seamlessly when we are here to join.

Thank you for sending some of those traditions in packages across the sea. Thank you for visiting, for stamping your passport with a country few of your friends have even heard of. Thank you for seeing our lives there, not just the black hole left in your heart, but the life we have built of work and friendships and home.

Thank you for possessing the courage and humility it takes to acknowledge and appreciate that and to not insist that the only good place for us to live is near you though that would be good too.

So far from their children and grandchildren. They raised us to care about the world, to work for justice, to explore, to depend on God more than on ourselves. Thank you for making it abundantly clear that no matter where we live, we are loved. I could never have asked for a better set of grandparents than you four.

We love you and we miss you.A letter to my daughter from me is special and lasting.

writing a letter to my daughter on her wedding day

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