Write a batch file to screenshot

They can automate everyday tasks, shorten the required time to do something, and translate a complex process into something anyone could operate. Add your commands, starting with echo [off], followed by—each in a new line—title [title of your batch script], echo [first line], and pause. Save your file with the file extension. To run your batch file, double click the BAT file you just created.

Write a batch file to screenshot

Monday, January 14, Automating Screenshots with PowerShell Penetration tests can become very hectic at a moment's notice. One second you are casually reviewing HTML source for a target website and the next dropping a webshell and hooking browsers before staying up all night trying to gain persistent domain-admin access to the enterprise.

Keeping notes during hectic times can be difficult, tedious and potentially distracting. Sometimes, it pays to have something taking notes for you. I like to utilize both a key-logger that does time stamping and take frequent screenshots.

There are applications that can take screenshots for you at regular intervals and in the past I used an AutoIt macro to printscreen and save.

Screenshots, today

That works well when I am on my own machine, but what if I was at a kiosk or doing an insider assessment from one of their workstations? I needed a PowerShell script that could take a screenshot at regular intervals, time stamp it, save it to a file and not tamper with the contents of the clipboard.

write a batch file to screenshot

While looking for a good script to start from, I found this one that uses inline C which seemed a little over-the-top. After getting the function built, I was quickly annoyed with data from the clipboard disappearing. I knew I had to find another way.

After loading the System. Forms assembly, I created a function that will be called to take the screenshot and save it to the disk: Next we need a way to distinguish each file and a way to stamp them with the time it was taken: Now we just need to settle on parameters, add this to a do-while loop and wrap the whole thing in a try-catch block.

The result is Get-TimedScreenshot: Get-TimedScreenshot Instead of downloading or installing additional software, we now have a script that will take periodic screenshots.

The images can be large so I wouldn't recommend leaving it running overnight, but its great to help you fill in gaps in note-taking at the end of a long hacking session. There is also a clear post-exploitation use for the function.

I think the function is pretty flexible and with event triggering and an email function could potentially be used as a simple parental alert system. As is, it works for my purposes which is to remind me what I did today.

I hope you find it useful and thanks for reading. In case you were wondering, it works well with multiple monitor setups: Please let me know if you have any issues, bugs or questions.

write a batch file to screenshot

Hopefully, I will see you at Shmoocon and Firetalks. The other talks look really good, but I get the chance to present "No Tools? Building a PowerShell Bot.MS-DOS Shareware: Frostbyte: AUTO47 Item Preview remove-circle files, menu definition, batch file, dos commands, menu selection, temporary batch, definition file, menu file, main menu, dos command, menu option.

From the Frostbyte BBS shareware collection. Be the first one to write a review. 3, Views. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. How to rename multiple files at once on Mac. Step 1: To batch rename a group of files, select the files you want to rename, right-click, and select “Rename X items.” You’ll then be presented with the batch rename interface.


The interface features three main options: Replace Text, Add Text, and Format. Feb 08,  · To define browser you need to create a custom config (xml) file and specify it in the batch file as kaja-net.com argument (settings=[path file]).

I am attaching a sample config file which defines FireFox as a default browser. I need to write a PowerShell (batch file facility) script which will run a SPSS syntax file (which is already written and tested). I am on a network using Windows 7 and SPSS One way to do batch file renaming is to use the Unix command line utilities.

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With the various Unix command line utilities, you can find files based upon complex patterns in the name, use the date and time stamp, and move into multiple folders. Snagit Tutorials. Below you'll find basic tutorials to help you get started and advanced tutorials to sharpen your skills.

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