West summerdale a nightmare in the

Three words synonymous with evil.

West summerdale a nightmare in the

Not every tragedy is the same, of course, and the following 10 stories reveal just that. From unearthing an entire municipality to unmasking psychotic mass murderers, such horrid discoveries lend a voice to the forgotten victims while demonstrating the cruel and deranged world in which we live.

As many as 50 skeletons were discovered—victims of murder who were tortured and dismembered for the sole purpose of exterminating the entire municipality. The grisly massacre occurred around AD when Cancuen was invaded.

West summerdale a nightmare in the

The conquerors rounded up the masses. Then the Mayan citizens were hacked to death, bludgeoned, or decapitated by the thrusts of lances and the blows of axes.

Be it men, women, or children, the vicious mutilations were indiscriminate and no life was spared. Even the king and queen suffered the same fate. Most of the bodies were interred in shallow graves. After the palace and monuments were methodically destroyed, the city of Cancuen was abandoned.


Interestingly enough, the unidentified victors took the trouble to bury the dead in their finest robes and adornments, a sign of respect for a civilization they hard-heartedly left in ruins.

BBC In the mountains of Dublin sit the remains of the Hellfire Club, an infamous 18th-century establishment built from the stones of an ancient tomb.

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As the legend goes, the construction of the building in required the demolition of a tomb which was believed to be an ancient passageway. The assembly of egotistical nobles would partake in nonstop drinking sessions late into the night and practice black mass rituals. Black cats were said to have been slaughtered by priests for their misconstrued ceremonial beliefs.

At one point, there were stories of the sacrifice of a dwarf with a huge head. That year, while plumbing work was being done on the premises, a shallow grave was found.

According to his neighbor, George Worrall, Fisher had given power of attorney over his estate to Worrall before Fisher returned to his home country of England. Then they discovered that the land belonged to George Worrall.

Further investigation of the paddock uncovered a shallow grave that held the remains of the murdered Fisher.

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It took a jury a total of 15 minutes to find Worrall guilty of murder. He was sentenced to death and hanged three days later on Monday, February 5, An autopsy revealed that she had been dead since mid-July.

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John Wayne Gacy Jr. (March 17, – May 10, ) was an American serial killer and kaja-net.com sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between and in Cook County, Illinois (a part of metropolitan Chicago).

Neon Nightmare Home › New Items › Neon Nightmare Shocking NEON colors that are so bright and vibrant they’ll haunt your dreams. 16 shells that are all completely different. “Unfinished Nightmare: The Search for More Victims of John Wayne Gacy” began as an interview story in September for a graduate journalism class I was taking at Roosevelt University.

My subject, Bill Dorsch, was a private detective with Northern Lights Investigative Services . West Summerdale A Nightmare in the Making By UOP Student Victoria Savage Mid October , a man in this early thirties moves into a quiet little neighborhood.

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