The island by gary paulsen

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The island by gary paulsen

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The island by gary paulsen

Wil has just moved from Madison, Wisconsin, to a decrepit country house near his father's new highway job. Feeling dislocated but not rebellious, Wil suddenly decides to camp out on the island that he has just discovered; he sends new friend Susan to tell his parents he won't be coming home for a while.

He is engrossed in trying to re-create his experiences what his grandmother was like, a turtle capturing and eating a sunfish in words and in paint; he observes wildlife and takes up meditation.

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Meanwhile, his parents don't understand and are upset; they even send a psychologist to check him out, but not before the media have descended on this odd story. Wil is a fully developed character and--as Susan's mother suggests--gifted "one of the thirsty people who need to know" ; it's easy to imagine Paulsen as such an unusual boy.

But there are some implausibilities in his story, including why a boy of 15 deciding to camp out a short distance from his home, in June, should cause such a fuss; and how such apparently limited and unimaginative parents could have produced such a son.

And although there are some tautly written scenes a fight with the local bully; Wil trying to imitate the loon's cry in order to understand the meaning of the loonmuch of the book moves slowly.

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Fuller development of the parents would have made a stronger book; still, Wil's realization that they too are worthy of understanding makes a poignant conclusion to a novel that will appeal most to the unusual reader.Gary Paulsen Booklist Gary Paulsen Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Island Fifteen-year-old Wil must move with his parents to a small rural town in Northern Wisconsin when his father transfers to a new job.

The Island [Gary Paulsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From a master storyteller comes a unique exploration into the exhilarating joys--and the inevitable dangers- Reviews: This detailed literature summary also contains Related Titles on The Island by Gary Paulsen.

Preview of The Island Summary: The Island is the story of a crucial summer in the life of fifteen-year-old Wil Neuton.

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The Island is an adventure book by Gary Paulsen, which revolves around this boy named Wil Neuton, who moves from urban Wisconsin to rural Wisconsin because of his dad's work.

The move entailed Wil to move away from old friends and his school in Madison, Wisconsin to Pinewood, Wisconsin/5.

The island by gary paulsen

Mar 30,  · The Island by Gary Paulsen Chapter1 - Duration: Nicole Fox 3, views. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (Book Summary and Review) - Minute Book Report - Duration: Luckily, Wil discovers the island. So, every day, year-old Wil Neuton gets up, brushes his teeth, leaves the house, and rows away from shore.

He goes to the island, a place where he can go to be alone and learn to know nature — and himself.

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