Smartphone car mount top list

I had to have one that fit on an air vent, but it could not be too bulky. If you have a smaller phone, do not worry because it can also hold much smaller phones such as the Moto X and the iPhone 4s. The mount itself is extremely well made.

Smartphone car mount top list

Email Last Updated Aug 12, 2: If you're like me, you stick it in a cup holder and constantly have to fiddle with it to see what the GPS wants you to do or to skips tracks when listening to music. And apart from the clumsiness, it's just not that safe.

Well, here's a solution for you: That's the promise from the folks over at Instructables. I love these guys; they've previously taught me how to make awesome ice cream in just five minutesand now they've got a smartphone car mount you can make with a few simple materials you can get from a trip to the hardware store.

Specifically, you'll need some PVC piping, some heavy duty wire, and adhesive backed foam.

Gear + Gadgets > Auto > Mounts. ExoMount Magnet Air Universal Smartphone Car Mount View - Don't Hold - Your Smartphone While Driving with This Low-Maintenance Magnetic Mount.  · Five Best Car Smartphone Mounts. even if it wasn't included in the list? Don't just complain about the top five, let us know what your preferred alternative is — and make your case for it  · The best iPhone car mounts to keep your smartphone in sight and

It literally takes just a few minutes to put it all together, and you'll end up with your phone mounted and easily removed from the end of a length of PVC pipe. The contraption gets wedged under your dashboard without doing any damage to your car -- no glue, drilling, or other permanent modifications, just pressure.

Smartphone car mount top list

The assembly even pivots out of the way when you're not using it. For this to work, your dash needs to have a suitable mounting location. Check out the instructions at Instructables for details.

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Personally, I think this is even more useful than Rick's magnetic coffee sleeve. Then again, I don't drink coffee, but I do enjoy having access to my iPhone without dying in fiery car crashes.iSunnao Magnetic ° Rotation Air Vent Car Mount is great car mount for smartphones and GPS devices.

The strong magnet hold your devices securely while driving. The slim design with ° rotation clips to any air vent and give you the ability to adjust your angle easily.

· Keep your hands on the wheel with the 7 best iPhone 7 car mounts It’s probably the simplest car mount on our list, but in many cases, simple is all you need. This universal smartphone car kit lets you mount your phone and take Bluetooth calls while driving. An extendable mic clips to your sun visor, eliminating background noise and helping your voice. For day-to-day navigation, a smartphone is all most people need, especially if you have a car mount that keeps your phone in easy view and a phone charger for the car .

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Books to Top Your Reading List in September 5 The Best Red Wines $30 and Under These Handy Smartphone Mounts for Your Car Make Getting Directions So Much Easier. Keep your phone within reach with these solid smartphone mounts.

By Brandon Carte and Stefan The mount, which is a top pick on Wirecutter and Android Central as well, /g/best-car-phone-dashboard-mounts. Shopping for Cheap Smartphone Stand at Dsupport Store and more from tablet bracket,tablet wall mount,tablet wall,floor stand,pc holder,floor holder on,the .

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