Seerat un nabi urdu essay

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Seerat un nabi urdu essay

Sulaiman Nadvi became Shibli's literary assistant in the writing of Sirat.


But Maulana Shibli Nomani could not complete the Sirat in his life. Sulaiman edited and published the two volumes of Sirat-un-Nabi penned by Shibli and himself wrote and published third, forth, fifth and sixth volume of this Magnum Opus. These lectures which are a masterpiece of erudition later published as "Khutbat-e-Madras".

Inhe published "Rahmat-e-Aalam", a book written for children on the life of Muhammad. Inhe brought out his monumental work, "Khayyam". The nucleus of this book was an article on noted Persian scholar and poet Omar Khayyam.

The first book published was Ard-ul-Quran 2 volumes. This book is the result of a deep research and it convincingly answers the objections raised by orientalists. It presents the Islamic philosophy of life and proves from the life the Messenger of Allah that no other religion is a natural and practical as Islam.

Nomani had only managed to complete the first two volumes when he died in In Syed Sulaiman Nadvi also died before completing and publishing the 7th volume of the book. The series became very popular with the readers and admirers who were very eager for volume7 to be compiled and published.

Syed Sabahuddin Abdul Rahman was approached to complete the work. He was initially very reluctant to undertake it but when persistent requests were made and he found that Syed Sulaiman had already written a good deal of the book and left extensive notes, he agreed to take up the work.

Accordingly he collected and put together the work the material and compiled it in the form of the book published as volume 7. Rizwan Uddin Ahmad and Haji Muhammad Aslam have by translating it into simple and readable English made it available to those who can only read or speak English.

This work remains Nomani's most famous work Although the book was written about sixty years back, it would still be found useful for understanding the aims and objects benefits and advantages and nature and wisdom of devotion prescribed by Islam. At a time when the materialistic patterns of thought and culture have relegated to the obscure background all the things ethical and spiritual, and English rendering of this classical work was the need of the hour.

This book consists of 7 volumes and here is the review of all the volumes one by one. It is the foremost obligation of everyone, and the most sacred service, that they reform and perfect the morals and up-bringing of fellow man.

That is a proper standard of morals and etiquette should first be determined and then they should be demonstrated practically before all men. These include piety and God fearing attitude, chastity and forgiveness, determination and perseverance, self-sacrifice and Loveland self respect and dignity.

This chapter further discuss about Sirah as Ilm Al-Klaam, first step in Sirah and written sources, Sirah by different scholars, reliability of sources, second principle? Ascertaining and also the beginning of principle of Ascertaining.

Seerat un nabi urdu essay

Second chapter is about comments on the writing of sirah. Difference in rank of Hadith and sirah, sirah works ignore books of Hadith, Sirah writers Deceit, Reasoning in narration, interpretation in narration and conclusion of the foregoing essay.

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