Scl 1502

This is also known as the Arduino 1. Galileo is designed to support shields that operate at either 3.

Scl 1502

It is a a lot of work. For the first question there is a short scenario given and we must write a problem statement. Then we have to find legislation that deals with public participation in the law making process and we must cite it.

Another case to summarise in the prescribed format. Find the following that deal with public participation in the law making process and cite them in the prescribed format: A journal article A decided case A text book For question 3 we must do research.

Scl 1502

Constitutional aspects with regard to access to emergency medical treatment in South Africa. Discuss the development in South African constitutional law. Use at least the following: Footnotes and a bibliography in the prescribed format.

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This is a lot of work. A lot of writing and a lot of research to be done. It is definitely not an assignment to be hastily completed on the night of the due date which is 5 May That is the scope of assignment 3.

Many people still did not receive their marks for the first assignment. What is a reasonable time to expect the marking of an assignment to be completed? I would say 3 weeks, but there was a long weekend and apparently there was a problem with the marking tool.

The official announcement stated it was hoped the marking would be finished the past Monday. The due date for assignment 1 was 10 Marchso I would say to be reasonable the marking should be finished after a month, thus 10 April ACL /SCL 85 ACL /SCL 86 ACL /SCL 87 ACL /SCL 88 ACL /SCL 89 ACL /SCL 90 ACL /SCL 91 ACL /SCL 92 ACL /SCL 93 ACL /SCL 94 ACL /SCL 95 scrapped SCL#89 b/n 12/44 ** ret 3/6/78 Sold to Lemac,to WR Grace #,to NUCOR Steel# SCL#90 b/n 12/44 ** ret 3/6/78 Sold to Lemac-further disp.

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