Raymond loewy

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Raymond loewy

Another view of my dad on his tractor.

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My sister raking with the D several years ago. I had a great time buying this tractor--the seller had rebuilt and repainted the tractor himself, modestly described its strengths and cheerfully admitted its faults, and was generous with his time and patient with my questions.

My dad tinkering with his lates John Deere A on a gorgeous Fall day inlistening to that great two-cylinder sound. The John Deere was a good old tractor, but needed some tinkering to get it to be able to start on its own. We never quite had the time to do that, so I was more than glad to lend a hand and a chain with the Farmall.

My dad sold the A a few months after these photos were taken, to a young guy who can give it the patient attention it needs.

I sold the Super M a year or two after that, making room for the A manure spreader would be a necessity if we had more horses, or if we were trying to be cost-effective.

But for an office dweller like me, having some extra real work to do where I can see how much I've done, how much remains, and whether or not I've done it well, is part of the satisfaction of farm life. I cleaned the Super M up for a tractor pull a couple of times, but in the show got rained out and in it was cancelled at the last minute.

But at least both years I got to enjoy driving the tractor along the mile backroad-route to the showgrounds although the trip home in 96, with the rainwater flipping off the right rear wheel and being blown by the wind directly onto me, wasn't quite as idyllic.

Raymond loewy

I learned to drive and plow and haul wood with this tractor, and am glad to have it back on the farm. It's still a good-running little tractor.

I'll gradually work on fixing it up, and someday hope to restore it to its original Case Flambeau Red color.레이먼드 로위 (Raymond Loewy, ~): 유선형 모더니즘 산업 디자이너. Raymond Fernand Loewy (5 November ? 14 July ) was one of the best known industrial designers of the 20th century.

Raymond Loewy (/ ˈ l oʊ iː / LOH-ee, French pronunciation: [ʁɛmɔ̃ løui] November 5, – July 14, ) was a Franco–American industrial designer who achieved fame for the magnitude of his design efforts across a variety of industries.

He was recognized for this by Time magazine and featured on its cover on October 31, He spent most . Raymond Fernand Loewy (* kaja-net.comer in Paris; † Juli in Monaco) war ein französisch-amerikanischer Industriedesigner und gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Gestalter der kaja-net.com ist insbesondere für seine Entwürfe im Stromlinien-Design kaja-net.comise wurde er sogar als Erfinder der Stilrichtung bezeichnet, was aber .

Raymond Loewy: Raymond Loewy, French-born American industrial designer who, through his accomplishments in product design beginning in the s, helped to establish industrial design as a profession.

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Loewy studied electrical engineering at the University of Paris, graduating in His studies in advanced. Production order for R is dated 8/21/63 It was ordered as an R2 and sent to engineering where they cobbled in air conditioning, putting the compressor in the power steering pump space and reversing the hardware in the cabin.

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