Piggery business plan in nigeria the richest

You need to know about cost of starting a pig farm, how to start and pig buyers in Nigeria. Many people want to do their business. You can open your business even in rural areas, far from the city limits. For example, it can be piggery business in Nigeria.

Piggery business plan in nigeria the richest

The trials of lacking an income are what drove her to venture into commercial farming. Today, she is practicing piggery and poultry farmingventures that have turned her into a millionaire. Mubiru, a resident of Nateete in Rubaga division, started poultry farming in with broilers.

Although she faced a lot of challenges, she grew the stock up to in two years before turning to piggery. Mubiru says she started piggery with local breeds but acquired exotic breeds after she watched President Yoweri Museveni on television encouraging farmers to turn to modern farming.

The President argued that it made more sense to keep two exotic cows that can produce 40 litres of milk per day than keeping 40 local cows which produce only one litre per day.

Since then, Mubiru says, she has been rearing improved breeds like the Landrace, Cambrough and Largewhiteall originating from South Africa.

Suitable Place For Commercial Pig Farming

Mubiru also breeds exotic pigs and sells piglets to other farmers all year round. I used to sell mature local breeds between sh, and sh, after feeding them for over seven months. It is unbelievable that I can earn the same amount from a piglet. This is indicative of how high modern farming can uplift society.

A kilogram of pork costs between sh6, and sh, depending on the point of sale. Mubiru says she has been able to use the proceeds from her venture to educate her children, some of whom are already graduates.

According to the national livestock population census, there are only three million pigs in the country, compared to 11 million cows and 12 million goats. However, the number of pigs reared by Ugandans has been rising gradually.

Mubiru says although looking after exotic breeds is more labour intensive and needs a lot of attention in terms of feeding and medical care, the challenges are offset by the huge financial benefits. She says the pigs are mainly fed on maize brand, but can also be fed on potato and cassava leaves and matooke banana peelings.

The current scarcity of poultry feeds as a result of the expensive maize has not spared Mubiru. She says her five-month-old layers should be producing eggs by now but have not because of poor feeding.

Secure A Breeding Ground

She said the price of a kg bag of maize brand had increased from sh50, to sh, in the last five months. However, Mubiru says she is still optimistic that she will continue developing through modern livestock farming. She says her dream is to become a consultant in modern farming and community development.

Supplementing livestock farming with a business in outside catering, Mubiru has assisted many people out of poverty. The main beneficiaries are the members of Finca Women Group in Nateete, a community development organisation.

piggery business plan in nigeria the richest

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Complete Guide To Commercial Pig Farming In Nigeria | Wealth Result

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piggery business plan in nigeria the richest

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Complete Guide To Commercial Pig Farming In Nigeria | Wealth Result