Mourners on greek vases remarks on

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Mourners on greek vases remarks on

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It easily demonstrates Cacoyannis' artistry as a director, for in this film, he does a masterful job of interpreting the Euripides drama. Filmed naturalistically in Greek settings, Electra does not disappoint.

The great hero and king Agamemmnon is brutally murdered near the beginning of the story by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus.

Electra and her brother Orestes, children of the royal couple, are both thrown out of their palatial home--Orestes is exiled, and Electra forced to marry a commoner and live in a hovel.


The term "Electra Complex" refers to a daughter's unnatural love for her father and while this is not overtly portrayed here, the hints are certainly in place. Even when her mother tells Electra of the king's infidelities the daughter defends him, citing the queen's own as proof of the latter's treachery.

Electra and Orestes take revenge on the couple who have killed their father--not without great remorse. Cacoyannis' skill is demonstrated in his choice to film this work in black and white, accentuating the starkness of the tale, which contains numerous stretches of silence, an effective Greek chorus of village women all clothed similarly in blackand an equally effective score by the great Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis who also composed the music for Zorba the Greek.

The story is pure drama--the emotional elements are laid bare in the stripped to the bone dialogue that wastes no words.


The cinematography as well emphasizes the basic elements of earth and sky; black and white has seldom been used as well in a drama as it is here. Earth is the land of man where we live and die; sky is the land of the gods to whom we appeal for everything we want that we don't have.

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And whether or not we get what we want--who can say?Many funerary scenes on vases depict the body lying in state alongside mourners holding a sort of "wake." This is called the prosthesis in Greek.

Because the Greeks believed that the dead could hear the laments of the living, mourners were an important aspect of the prosthesis. "Mourners on Greek Vases: Remarks on the Social History of Women." Christine Mitchell Havelock She saw that the Greek society had limitations on women but wanted to explore/discuss what they could do within these restrictions.

The figure scene that occupies the highest register in the bowl above shows the new direction in which Athenian vase painting was moving. It shows gods, goddesses, nymphs and others processing to the house of the hero Peleus to celebrate his wedding to the beautiful sea-nymph Thetis.

Comments on: Greek vase looted from Warsaw museum during WWII returned.

Mourners on greek vases remarks on

A new Greek vase of c. B.C. Ronald G. Hood The momentous achievement of Greek art lies in its breakthrough from the Archaic style to the Classical, from the ‘conceptual’ to the ‘perceptual’ mode of visual expression. There, she learns about The Mourner, a dark entity that is covering and corrupting the land.

Aisling must go on a quest to recover three treasures that will help her face The Mourner, bringing peace to the Dreamlands and ultimately to $