Madonna with a long neck essay

Parmagianino uses a mannerist style in his painting which displays a very disproportionate and skewed depth sense to the viewer. Rather than taking art from nature, such as in the Renaissance, Mannerism takes art from art. Parmagiano takes the beauty and naturalism of the Renaissance and exaggerates it into an elegant mannerist depiction. The Madonna and baby Jesus appear randomly distorted upon first glance, but a closer look and understanding of the time meaning can be applied to some of the distortion displayed.

Madonna with a long neck essay

From this comparison can you tell how Parmigianino mannered Raphael's style? Discuss the similarities and differences between the two Madonnas. What role does cultural context play in the stylistic differences? I will attempt to compare and contrast the images Madonna of the Meadow and Madonna of the long neck by the artists Raphael and Parmigianino respectively.

Madonna with a long neck essay

Both Raphael and Parmigianino have different styles but often use the same subject matter in their paintings. Parmigianino's work is greatly inflounced by Raphael's work, however Madonna with a long neck essay Raphael, Parmigianino was a Mannerist artist.

Around the 's in Italy, art in many ways had reached its peak of excellence. It was believed by many that the works of these four giants of art could never be bettered and thus the Mannerist style was born. The picture painted in by the Italian Mannerist artist, Parmigianino is entitled Madonna with the Long Neck, is a prime example Mannerist style painting.

Raphael's "Madonna in the Meadow" also depicted the Madonna but in two very different styles. When looking at the painting by Raphael, you can see classical antiquity influence.

The painting by Parmigianno's that breaks away from realistic paintings and became the popular style called Mannerist art, after the death of Raphael between 's. The Madonna of the Meadow was painted in a Raphael's style of art that relied heavily on realism and the study of nature.

Unlike the second image that is the work of the artist Parmigianino. The style of art used in the Madonna of the long neck painting is abstract in style due to the impossible anatomy of the figures in the image that appears to be unreal. Raphael painted the image of the Madonna of the Meadow during the high renaissance artistic movement.

The renaissance art movement made use of classic renaissance realism.

Madonna with a long neck essay

The main goal of this artistic movement was to use new and innovative techniques and to manipulate light and darkness by utilizing Chiaroscuro. In addition, the artistic works of this movement had good mastery in both technology and aesthetics.

This movement was focused on the art of Rome and ancient Greece. Raphael has also ensured a good composition of colors that make the image appear life like. The renaissance movement was affected by technological changes and revolutions that took place during that time. Madonna of the meadow represents the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus and john the Baptist.

The painting was made with has made vibrant color palate that make the image more realistic. The image is a characteristic of the renaissance art movement because it has made use of the realism. The renaissance art movement emphasized on the rediscovery and use of high technology in the work of art which caused various innovations.

The image of the Madonna with the long neck by Parmigianino was painted during the mannerism art movement.

The mannerism art movement had a theme of exaggerating human form for the sake of idealistic beauty. The main goal of this movement was to present images of human in unrealistic ways and to improve upon nature.

The mannerism movement aimed at having a more emotional approach to the work rather then trying to achieve realism. Parmigianino made use of various artistic styles. The major style that he employed was the abstract and almost impressionist style.

This is because; he like many other Mannerst artist did not think that paintingStylistic Analysis of Parmigianino's 'Madonna with the Long Neck' Words Jan 31st, 3 Pages The painting dates back to the period with the medium of the painting being 'Oil on panel' having a dimension of xcm.

Madonna of the Long Neck Essay PART I: Significance Essay 1: STYLISTIC Analysis (50 points) Madonna of the Long Neck In many ways, each artist has their own individual technologies and style feature, and during the , Mannerism was a particular style for many artist adoption and favor.

This essay assignment will help you better understand the dramatic contrast between Renaissance style and Mannerism in 16th century Italy.

Madonna of the Long Neck by Parmigianino

The essay consists of a style comparison between Raphael’s Small Cowper Madonna and Parmigianino’s Madonna with the Long Neck. ****See images attached.

This essay is a study of Parmigianino, The Madonna with the Swan Neck and also makes an attempt to understand the spirit and idea behind the guiding force that made Parmigianino deviate from the standard norms of art and paint this masterpiece.

“Madonna with a Long Neck” is one of the most famous works of Parmigianino, or Girolamo Francesco Maria Mazolla of Parma. Its elegance, stylishness, elongated forms signify its belonging to the later phase of Mannerism.

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