Lemonade stand business report

And if they tell you no, just say, have a nice day. Eleven-year-old Jemma Walker is the queen of elaborate lemonade stands.

Lemonade stand business report

As you have continued to learn new concepts in this course, you have seen how a lemonade stand can help us understand and apply these concepts. In Part II of the lemonade stand project, we will incorporate concepts from Weeks 4, 5, and 6 and apply these to your newly created company. Scenario In Week 3, you created a lemonade stand that you opened in your local neighborhood; you created a name, developed a mission statement, outlined a CSR plan, and picked a pricing strategy for this new company.

This week, you will continue to develop your idea by writing an informal business report that will share your plans with a potential business investor. In Part I, you decided part of the brand when you developed your pricing strategy. Continue with the other parts of the marketing mix place, promotion, and productand discuss how the lemonade stand should be branded utilizing this marketing mix Chapter Your stand in your neighborhood has been very successful and you are considering expanding operations.

In doing so, you will need to outline some criteria for potential new locations Chapter Please outline two or three ways you could promote this business please include costs involved in these promotions Chapter You have hired several people to run your lemonade stand, as you simply are too involved in the strategic aspects of the business.

As such, you have seen sales drop. What are some ways you can motivate your employees to improve sales? Use your textbook and apply the lessons we have learned in previous weeks to develop and support your plans.

By offering support and developing your response, you must provide examples, elaboration, or justification, often in the form of information gathered from your textbook.

When integrating support from your textbook, be sure to use APA style to provide in-text citations within the paragraph and a full end reference on a separate reference page after the business plan. Examples of APA formatting are included in the template. You are to write roughly — words in answering all points posted above for your lemonade stand.

This informal business report will be evaluated on how well you apply the concepts that are detailed in the textbook to a practical idea. In order to receive the highest grade, it is required that you review the textbook and cite specific areas of the text in your responses taking care in citing these properly in APA style.

Additionally, although this is not an English class and the content of your ideas is most important, grammar and sentence structure will account for a portion of your report grade. Please be sure to write well-developed responses in complete sentence and paragraph format.

For this paper and other papers that you will write in college, please note that when you reference or cite a text, you must use quotation marks and proper attribution if you use words that are directly from a source. If you are just referencing them and have changed the words, a citation is all that is required.

Here is one final point: Violation of this rule could result in a zero for the assignment.Watch video · It's the American summertime symbol of entrepreneurship: the lemonade stand.

It might evoke nostalgic visions, but today nonprofits are using these rites of childhood to nurture budding business. Lemonade Stand DeVry University BUSN Introduction to Business and Technology Professor ZZZ Lemonade Stand Informal Business Report INTRODUCTION In this section, provide a brief introduction to your lemonade stand to provide a potential investor with necessary background material.

Viktor Stevenson, a black man who is the owner of Gourmonade, told AJ+ in an interview that he was checking to see if the security system for his lemonade stand was . “America’s Children Make a Stand for Lemonade” (page one, July 23) hits the nail on the head.

lemonade stand business report

As a corporate lawyer, I see the need for certain regulations, such as certain Securities and. Attachments. Week 3 kaja-net.com Background As you have read about in our lecture, we have used a lemonade stand to help us understand some basic concepts of business. New and Improved! Lemonade Stand version is a simple game of economics made with FLASH by Geoffrey Noles.

You have 30 days to run a Lemonade Stand.

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