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Its 218 chapter3 activity 3 1

The largest percentage of the maintenance cost will be labor. So even though digital storage costs will continue to decrease at an estimated rate of A compelling case can be made for digital imaging to facilitate access and improve business process, but it may not be the most appropriate approach for long-term retention of information.

In a review by the Association of Image and Information Management AIIM of ten technologies that will affect document management over the next 2 years, number five was "replacement of optical disk systems with COM microfiche" by companies that are finding the cost of digital maintenance prohibitive.

RLG DigiNews: Volume 3, Number 5, October 15,

Institutions will only be able to justify the maintenance of digital images that are used. Institutions will need to perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine how much use is necessary. Analog storage, such as keeping the originals or microfilm, offers greater longevity and less risk for long-term retention.

Hybrid approaches, using each technology to its best advantage to minimize the disadvantages of the other, are likely to continue to be the most viable.

Additional research and data analysis needs to be done, including the following: This type of cost analysis needs to be done with final project costs, rather than relying on projected costs.

Estimating costs up-front at the beginning of a project is very hard and often the final cost is different. This type of cost analysis can be done in different ways, and it may be instructive to look at the costs per person and production per person as a way to estimate infrastructure requirements for various types of projects.

Louis, MO, June Image acquisition costs included creation of the master, access, and thumbnail files, file header and tracking data, and storage on primary and backup media. Includes identifying and preparing materials, monitoring, quality control, and project management.

Average number of images per day over the life of the project. Certain aspects of the project, such as digitizing, are probably done in a shorter time period with a higher production rate. Kenney, Digital to Microfilm Conversion: A Demonstration Project,7.

Includes a mix of text, photographs, and other materials; costs per item. Individual items such as manuscript collections. How Much Does it Really Cost? Tradition, Technology, and Transformation," Part 1, Vol. A bit color image 8 bits per color can encode over 16 million color values.

Why would it ever be necessary to capture an image using, or bit color? And, why use more than three-color channels? The answer is found in the details of how images are captured, displayed, and viewed. Any practical color-reproduction system photography, television, lithography relies on the trichromatic nature of the human visual system HVS.

The eye has three kinds of color sensors, called cones. As a result, only three primary colors red, green, and blue are needed to excite these cones in different combinations to create those 10 or so million colors.

However, having only three receptors means the HVS cannot sense the individual contributions each wavelength of a particular color stimuli make, only the aggregate effect.

As a consequence, two colors made of physically different materials, and thus having different spectral composition, can look identical, depending on the illumination and viewing conditions.

Three color channels RGB are sufficient to encode all hues, but are the levels 8 bits in each channel of a bit image adequate? Theoretical calculations and practical systems suggest the right levels can create very high-quality reproductions, depending on the quality of those 8 bits and the type of output.

Digital Image Capture For simplicity, Figure 1 illustrates a monochrome grayscale; however, the same concept applies to each channel in an RGB image. Most digital images are captured using a CCD charge-coupled device. CCDs are actually analog devices, in that the voltage output for each picture element on a CCD varies continuously in proportion to the intensity of the light striking it Figure 1a.

The conversion from voltage to code value is also proportional, or linear Figure 1b. Therefore, the difference from one code value to the next represents an equal increment in the light intensity as seen by the sensor.

Human Visual Response Here is the catch. The human visual system does not see equal changes in light intensity as equal changes in perceived brightness.

The response is nonlinear, something more like a power function as shown in Figure 1c. Figure 2 illustrates an image as seen by the sensor top and by the HVS bottom.It appears that radon exhalation does not change significantly with increasing Ra activity concentration of the soil directly above the outcropping anomaly, where typical radon flux densities (geometric mean) are ± mBq∙m-2∙s-1, similar to values measured above the Ranger #1 and #3 orebodies before mining started (– mBq.

CHAPTER 3 Polynomial Functions Section Quadratic Functions and Models You should know the following facts about parabolas.

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is a quadratic function, and its graph is a parabola. Introduction Social and Economic Setting. Effects to Economic Activity. Socioeconomics 3 Kuiu Timber Sale FEIS Chapter 3 • tourism activities depend upon the wildness of Alaska in attracting and • Chapter 3 Kuiu Timber Sale FEIS.

Written by leading scholars in their respective fields, The Heritage of World Civilizations offers compelling and thorough coverage of the unique heritage of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, European, and American civilizations, while highlighting the role of .

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Its 218 chapter3 activity 3 1
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