File write array mql4 ima

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File write array mql4 ima

Knowledge is power How to determine if an indicator is suitable for Expert Advisors Most Expert Advisors use one or more indicators. Unfortunately, a lot of indicators that can be found in the Internet can't be used by Expert Advisors, because for example they are badly implemented or they only draw objects and can't be used in a standard way.

The other common reason for disqualifying an indicator is the usage of data taken from the future in calculations not only current and past candles. Now, imagine that certain indicator uses bars from 8: So it uses 2 bars taken from the future.

How is it possible? It is possible only on the basis of historical data. In live trading these 2 future bars of course won't be available. That's why this indicator will look different on a historical data and after some time in live trading. Sometimes such indicators change values not only for the most recent bar.

We call such behaviour "redrawing". Generally, such indicators aren't suitable for an Expert Advisors. In rare cases, some of indicators that redraw can be used, but it must be fully conscious. A good example of an indicator, that redraws but can be used but very consciously in Expert Advisors, is ZigZag, which is provided with MetaTrader terminal.

Below there are 3 steps which will help you test indicators and check if they are suitable for an Expert Advisors. In the Data Window quotations and values of all used buffers in this example all buffers are visualized as lines of all attached indicators are displayed: Buffer is a series of values that can be visualized in a few different ways: Also Custom Indicators should be displayed in the Data Window.

Make sure that option Show in the Data Window is selected in Visualization Tab in indicators' properties. If, in spite of above setting, an indicator is not displayed in the Data Window, it is generally not suitable for Expert Advisors.

Of course, to every rule there is an exception. If your indicator only draws objects for example Pivot levels for only current dayit won't be displayed in the Data Window.

An Expert Advisor can retrieve values from objects but backtesting of such Expert Advisor will be impossible or very limited. In fact, it will be possible only in visual mode after manual attaching this indicator to a chart.

Also Optimization won't be possible. That's why such indicators aren't recommended for Expert Advisors. However, they can be successfully used in a manual trading.

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Step 2 — Historical view vs. Current view If analysed indicator passes Step 1, it is time for the next test. Every properly written indicator must look identical after some time of running and just after attaching to a chart.

If we attached this indicator at But if we attached this indicator at The difference is obvious. In live trading this indicator gives only a few signals in spite of many perfect signals on a historical quotations. For a properly implemented indicator, both charts must be identical.

How to conduct such test? Open any chart lower timeframes are better, because you will see any problems with indicator sooner Place vertical line on the latest bar to remember where the beginning of a test is Attach analysed indicator to a chart Wait a few hours this time depends on selected timeframe; the more candles, the better Once again attach analysed indicator Compare how they look; you can use the Data Window to compare all values precisely For indicators, that are displayed on a main chart just after conducting the whole test, open a new chart and compare both views by switching from one chart to the other.

Predefined Variables

You don't have to wait a few hours or days for the result. To speed up examination you can use Visual mode in backtester — for example any Expert Advisor, although the best will be one that does absolutely nothing. Download VisualTester that only places vertical line at the beginning VisualTester. Make sure that Visual mode option is selected.

Move scrollbar to the left to have time to attach the indicator.This process has changed recently for downloading/saving indicator files into metatrader. Where indicators are stored in MT4 was updated with build 6. JPY (Japanese Yen) - .

The MQL4 Tutorial is a comprehensive manual for MQL4 language designed to help a trader optimize trading in Forex market by automation of certain actions or even all trading processes.

MQL4 – is a programming language of trading strategies integrated to MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

file write array mql4 ima

This is only relevant to displaying the array values. Not much relevant to coding EAs. The "shift" is a value of element, taken into calculation. By default, the value of the shift is zero (the zero bar (the last bar)).

Any shifts in bars in MQL4 are from the last bar backwards. Example: You compare two SMA. One is 20 periods/0 shift, the other is 10 periods/4 shift. MQL5 Language REFERENCE. for the MetaTrader 5 client terminal STUDY MQL5 and SOLVE any tasks: your own technical analysis indicators • Create.

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