Fanaticism essay

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Fanaticism essay

The difference between religious fundamentalism and fanaticism is belief and action. One could be a fundamentalist in any given religion and believe in the literal truth of their holy scriptures. Fanatics, on the other hand, are an extremist sub-set of fundamentalists who see only their own point of view.

They seek to force their ideology on others through intimidation and are more than happy to break the law and commit religious blasphemy, including, murder in the name of their God. What if Copernicus and Galileo were never tried as heretics? Human beings did not become the dominant form of life on Earth by being easy to push around!

In fact, even with the natural disasters that seemingly take us by surprise and either partially or completely level our cities, the unawareness and destruction is due to poor foresight and planning. We human beings can, if allowed, do virtually anything.

Not everything we imagine and create is good. Human beings are both our own highest achievement and our own worst enemy. What we must do in order to move forward and flourish as a species is to get out of our own way, and stop damaging ourselves!

Religion is one of the worst offenders in this regard. This is especially unfortunate considering that it might be the best way to solve the problem, even if one defines religion as a belief in what is right and good in the world, and not in the traditional old-man-in-the-sky sense.

The problem with the dominant religious forces in the world today is that they consist of organizations employing theology as a manipulation tool to keep the flock subservient. By using this threat of eternal damnation, they manipulate groups of people to set others against others thus enforcing confused disorder.

The main obstacle in the way of changing this state of affairs is that religious orthodoxy has existed almost as long as religion itself. Religions are almost universally founded by divinely? Once the new religion is sufficiently widespread, it is co-opted in some form or other by the ruling order.

Once this harnessing took place, the horse then stopped carrying people forward and became a threat to crush them beneath its hooves. People, especially young people, are pulling away from organized religion, with its tendency to maintain organizational power by oppressive means.

The younger generation of adults, commonly called Millennials, may be more actively religious than the previous handful of generations that came before.

Fanaticism essay

Albeit the form it takes is more individual and local than it is based in old-fashioned hierarchies. For example, the Christianity that young people practice on their own outside the existing structures is closer to the teachings of Christ than the mainstream churches have been for centuries.

He challenged existing authority, first the established Jewish religious authorities and then the Romans to whom the power-corrupted elements within that structure of authority turned him over.

This, to be perfectly clear, is not and was not ever an indictment of Judaism. Jesus was a Jew. It was always about power and the intoxication that comes with it. The way in which religions like Christianity and Islam initially spread was wildly effective. In its most basic state nearly every religion to ever exist has been about how to be a better person.

In order for that to be the case, each of them has fundamentally had to hold that being human is a thing worth being. This is also, all partisan politics aside, why there are so few great conservative artists: It is his privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart, by reminding him of the courage and honor and hope and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of his past.

In the end, we only have ourselves, and the human mind is the greatest force this world has ever known! The human mind has given us wings, enabled us to travel faster than sound, to visit other worlds, to unlock the mysteries of this world.

The only things standing in our way are those most formidable of enemies, ourselves. Most Dangerous Religious Cults Religious fanaticism may represent a clear and present danger to society. But beyond the extremists embedded in organized religion is a more pressing concern.

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