Can you type research papers on the ipad

Sure, you can hammer out a quick email or two, or maybe edit a quick document, but can you really use it to write a full article? See how the experiment works by hitting that more link. Well, let me clarify that a little bit: The basic screen displays your font settings on the right.

Can you type research papers on the ipad

Immediate feedback and all-class participation. Instead of trading stacks of papers with one another — and taking the necessary time and resources for this process — we can exchange files.

This can drastically reduce the amount of time spent grading paper materials.

Can you type research papers on the ipad

Also, there are numerous apps that allow for electronic quizzes, submissions, and supervision. This means that academic processes can be more quickly assessed or analyzed.

Apps can score multiple-choice quizzes immediately and post results; teachers can see which students have submitted assignments right away; or teachers can even receive analytics about when and how long students are working.

Simplify the collection and retention of materials. All materials are available electronically at all times. This is also true when it comes to their own work.

So, column or bar?

Students can often create their work on their iPad, then use the iPad to store it or submit it to their teacher. Papers are easily lost or destroyed.

Electronic files last forever, and both the students and the teachers can permanently retain all work and materials. This is especially helpful during any type of research process. Now students can collect and organize all their research electronically.

Learning and Innovation

Reading and annotating paperlessly. Many books and files are available electronically. And with the marking features available in certain apps, they are able to be annotated nearly as effectively as hard copies.

Students can now even use apps to take pictures of texts and immediately begin annotating them electronically.


This helps to keep all of their documents in one place and to permanently keep their annotations. Shared access to files with students. The transfer of information between students and teachers has never been easier. Teachers can then view the documents immediately, and keep them permanently stored.

It works in reverse, too: Teachers can upload assignments, links, or feedback for students via these shared resources or folders. Free classic books available online.If you are serious about annotating PDFs and need to sync your files with a PC, your best bet is All-Around annotation app or Papers from mekentosj.

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Advantages/Disadvantages of the iPad Classroom