An analysis of the philippines and the world market

Clean governance, strong leadership, growing infrastructure and policy endeavors have catapulted the Philippines onto a path of faster growth. The future holds promise as the Philippines has a young, growing workforce that speaks English, remittances from abroad are high and household debt is among the lowest in Asia.

An analysis of the philippines and the world market

August 6, Source: Trade Map, Fitch Solutions Date last reviewed: August 14, 4. August 14, 5. Department of Trade and Industry remains responsible for implementation and coordination of trade and investment policies, as well as promoting and facilitating trade and investment.

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The simple average bound tariff in the Philippines is Imported manufactured goods competing with locally produced goods face higher tariffs than those without local competition. The Philippine Government cites domestic and global economic developments to justify the modification of applied rates of duty for certain products to protect local producers in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

An analysis of the philippines and the world market

All tariffs are ad valorem. The average applied MFN tariff is 7. The increase in the average tariff is mainly due to transposition to HS and the splitting of lines carrying high tariffs.

Tariff rate quotas apply on 77 tariff lines. The simple average bound rate is A wide range of tariff and tax exemptions are provided under specific laws. Food products and agricultural inputs are exempt from VAT. Excise taxes are levied on alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, automobiles, petroleum products, minerals, perfumes and jewellery.

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A vast range of goods are subject to licences or permits when imported. For certain products, multiple permits or licences are required, and informal payments have been reported by the business community.

There are 72 mandatory technical regulations, covering a wide range of goods. The Philippines Accreditation Bureau has accredited conformity assessment bodies. The Philippines has reformed its food safety regime based on a "farm-to-fork" approach to enhance food safety.

A new Food Safety Act was promulgated in ; its implementing legislation entered into force in However, the Philippines' SPS-related import requirements for food, which appear to be complex, remain largely unchanged.

All consumer products sold domestically, whether manufactured locally or imported, must contain the following information on their labels: Correct and registered trade name or brand name; Registered trademark; Registered business name and address of the manufacturer, importer, or re-packer of the consumer product in the Philippines; General make or active ingredients; Net quality of contents, in terms of weight; and, country of manufacture, if imported.

The BPS implements a product certification mark scheme to verify conformity of products to PNS and other international standards. This includes critical products such as electrical equipment and electronics, as well as consumer, chemical and construction and building materials.

August 15, 6.Philippines being the world’s largest abaca producer holds the major market share in the Asia Pacific market. Considerable portion of produced abaca fiber in Philippines is internally consumes while a major portion is exported to various countries including U.S., Japan and other European countries.

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The Philippines is the twelfth largest country in the world by population (more than million) and is the fourth-largest English-speaking country.

It also has one of the youngest populations in the world, with more than two-thirds of the population under the age of

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