Academic writing conciseness synonym

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Academic writing conciseness synonym

academic writing conciseness synonym

Avoid ornate descriptions The goal of scientific writing is to convey information, not to entertain your reader. Thus, you should be able to paint a vibrant picture of the experimental process through the precision of your scientific statements rather than through colorful descriptions.

As always, if the same information can be conveyed without certain words, get rid of them!

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Compare the following two sentences: Because of the long, arduous process of extracting the data from such intricate instrumentation, it was instead determined that HPLC should be the instrument of choice for gathering useful information for the completion of the project.

The same important information is conveyed in each sentence, yet the latter is far more concise. Instead of having to search for the meaning in the first sentence, it is explicit in the second. Although the second sentence does not explain why HPLC was used, it is rare that such information would be needed in a journal article.

Practice exercise Revise the following paragraphs for conciseness by crossing out any unnecessary words and replacing any wordy phrases with shorter ones. Unfortunately, inferred mass changes using the gravity field solutions obtained by the groups we previously mentioned do not agree to a level that is considered truly acceptable.

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Adapted from Lemoine et al. Adapted from Hosaka, Itao, and Kuroda Academic writing conciseness synonym some point in the future, the incredible field of research known as molecular dynamics simulations could be used in this way for use with plant DNA and nanoparticles to potentially provide an insight into changes observed here in plant health and output.

Adapted from Katti et al. Adapted from Johannsen et al.


Adapted from Bodnar et al. The samples were then permeabilized with 0. Adapted from Ghiraldini, Crispim, and Mello Possible Solutions Inferred mass changes using the gravity field solutions obtained by aforementioned groups do not agree to an acceptable level.

Analytical methods [] have obtained the damping ratio of a vacuum gauge resonator by modelling it as a sphere or a string of spheres. Molecular dynamics simulations of plant DNA and nanoparticles could provide an insight into changes observed in plant health and output.

Immediately after decapitation, the livers were removed, placed in cold 0. The samples were permeabilized with 0. Group information wisely Breaking up sentences and combining the information in them differently can help make your writing more concise.

Try to group information in a way that reduces the need for repetition by focusing the sentence or paragraph on what the most important part of your message is.

For example, read the following statement adapted from Kleeman, Riddle, and Jakober For longer or more complex lists of information, parentheses, colons, and numbers are all tools that can help you group information while keeping your meaning clear.

academic writing conciseness synonym

The removal of other impurities such as polyaromatic shells requires much higher-strength acid treatments, as found in samples 6 and 8. The removal of other impurities such as polyaromatic shells requires much higher-strength acid treatments samples 6, 8.

The release of p24 in the supernatant shows the last distinct step in the life cycle of a virus, the assembly of the virion and budding. Apennines, which rotated counter-clockwise until the end of the Pleistocene,8 was also affected by the Apennine collision.

If you are combining two different thoughts in one sentence, connecting them can often become wordy. For example, compare the following two statements: The purified product was analyzed by spectrophotometry. Establish abbreviations Imagine you were writing about an experiment involving a separate absorption and multiplication region avalanche photodiode.

Every time you needed to refer to the instrument you would use up lots of valuable space! Perhaps one of the easiest ways to save space in a paper is to use acronyms or abbreviations to refer back to longer words that you use repeatedly. There are a couple of guidelines for the best way to do this.

However, every journal has its own specifications for using abbreviations that you should pay attention to when publishing. How to use abbreviations in a paper Guideline Example 1.

If you are unsure, check published articles on a similar topic to see if they define the abbreviation or not. Define an abbreviation only if you use it enough times to save considerable space. If you use it multiple times in every section, it is definitely worth abbreviating.

For in-between cases, use your discretion. The first time you use an abbreviation, you must define by writing out the full term followed by parentheses containing the abbreviation. Do not define it again afterwards.Conciseness is also a mark of good academic writing.

To write an effective essay, you should learn to write precisely and concisely, using only as many words as are necessary. Academic Writing and Grammar for Students, 2nd Edition Fler monograph deserves praise for its conciseness and clarity as well as for its ecumenical sensitivity and openness, but specialists in liturgical and sacramental theology will miss a perspective that points beyond the evident.

Guidelines for Effective Professional and Academic Writing 1. R. G. Easterly III, Brian E. Myers, Alison E. Lutz, Editing for conciseness is important to the readability of the paper. Are there words in the sentences that could be removed while retaining the integrity of the thought?

In professional and academic writing, it is expected. Keep an eye out for wordy constructions in your writing and see if you can replace them with more concise words or phrases.

Clichés. In academic writing, it’s a good idea to limit your use of clichés. Use APA format in research papers to organize your content, achieve an active, first-person writing style and format in-text citations, endnotes, footnotes and reference pages.

Conciseness is always the way to go no matter what you’re writing. With academic papers, it’s always been very easy for me to be concise, but in my fiction, I tend .

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