2 0 the impact of globalization in human

Human resources management for a multi-national corporation with subsidiaries that operate in multiple countries presents many cultural and socio-economic challenges. About Globalization Globalization is a polarizing subject that is not easily defined.

2 0 the impact of globalization in human

Elements of the Philosophy of Decentralization JC Collins The worlds first attempt at globalization has failed because there was no alternative to the centralization of wealth. In this article, I will make the case that Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism were built around the centralized principles which both Capitalism and Communism share.

Neither ideology has been successful at providing a true decentralization of wealth. Communism collects wealth at the top of the state system while the masses suffer. Capitalism collects wealth within the institutions of the Western world, including the institution of a middle class, while the emerging masses in foreign nations suffer.

The centralization of wealth is the common theme across both, with varying centralization taking place dependent upon political systems and cultural orientations.

Throughout the history we are about to explore the one common denominator is the lack of a trusted alternative to the centralization of wealth. The Ripple Interledger Protocol and the developing XRP ecosystem, along with the larger crypto market and initiatives, will provide such a trusted and decentralized system for the first time in the history of the world.

It will change our ideological prejudices and allow for the evolution of our systems of governance. This is not the anarchist or Bitcoin maximalist view of the world, but is a logical exploration of where we have come from and where we may be going, with honest reflections on both Capitalism and Communism, with the hope that we can consciously participate in the creation of the decentralized world developing around us.

One of the greatest female intellectuals of the 20th Century was Ayn Rand. The massive novel she wrote titled Atlas Shrugged, published inis one of the seminal works of the last 60 years.

All three volumes of Das Kapital mark the transformation of the ideas which were put forward in the Communist Manifesto of Even further back inthe works of Marx and Engel were more focused on the construction of Socialism.

The ideological framework evolved with the thoughts of both men towards the complex, and often times contradictory nature of complete state control under Communism.

An exploration of this philosophy begins with developing an understanding of the concept of free will. The philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel published Elements of the Philosophy of Right in and argued that free will could only be realized under the social context of property rights and relations.

Along with contracts, moral commitments, family life, the economy, legal system, and an organic hierarchal structure of society, the complexity of free will could be attained and sustained through the historical collapses of all states and empires.

Hegel segmented the philosophy into three spheres. The first sphere was built around the abstract rights of the individual, which was the idea of non-interference as a method of respecting others.

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The second sphere was built around the expected moral standing of the individual, where each reflected their own subjectivity onto others as a form of respect.

In essence, treat others as you wish to be treated.

As recently affirmed by the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and environment, prof. John Knox, «while a safe, clean and healthy environment is essential for the enjoyment of human rights, the exercise of human rights including the right to freedom of expression, education, participation and remedy is vital to the protection of the . In , the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights prepared a study on globalization and human rights, which focuses on the liberalization of agricultural trade and its impact on the realization of the right to development, including the right to adequate food. 2 Globalization and the Human Development Trap; 3 Globalization, Literacy Levels, and Economic Development A.2 If H A (0) > 1 and H A (1) The Impact of Opening to Globalization. Liberalization policies take the form of a transition from an autarchic to .

The third sphere held the principles of the ethical life, which evolved from the subjective emotions of the individual as it applied to the universal notions of right, or right-mindedness.

Right-mindedness is the act, or process of moving towards what is right. Where Hegel attempted to reconcile the contradictory natures of capitalism and the state, mainly being the inability to balance the moral and ethical allowance of the state towards its organically structured hierarchy, Rand openly embraced the selfish nature of Man as a virtue.

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Objectivism rejects altruism, or self-sacrifice as the moral ideal, and argues that the ultimate moral orientation of each individual is towards his or her own well-being.

The Communist state promotes the opposite as its preferred attempt at balancing the contradictions. Where Hegel found a contradiction, Rand found objective truth about the nature of Man.

Man, as an individual has an incentive. The state cannot be the source of productive incentive for the reason that productivity begins within the sphere of the individual.

Remove this incentive and the state murders itself. It was always peculiar to me that Ayn Rand, and her great works, were largely ignored by Western academia and media. The progressive orientation of the Western world and its institutions should embrace the intellectual philosophy of a female who fled the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and who would later, while living in New York, develop her own philosophy as an argument against the horrors of Communism.

A world of rightmindedness would have built statues of Ayn Rand and her works would have been mandatory in all of our institutions of higher learning. It was only as I grew older and wiser about the structure of the world and the influences upon our institutions of governance, academia, media, economics, and entertainment, that I became aware of the hidden Marxist methodology, and its impact upon the evolution of late Western culture and thought.

The strategic positioning within the Western institutions of those promoting the Marxist ideology since at least the end of World War Two is an objective truth which can be correlated with cause alongside the overall cultural trends and expansion of government regulations towards more state control.

Rand witnessed this progressive march towards Marxism in America and expressed her philosophy of Objectivism as her own unique way of providing a counter-argument which was rooted in the natural instincts of Man, as opposed to ignoring those instincts.

The men and women of power in the nation begin to shut down the companies and industries they created in protest over the control of the state. The state begins to erode and wealth is evaporated alongside the incentive of each individual for productivity.

2 0 the impact of globalization in human

It is a predictive vision of what threatens the Western world now. Capitalism, though the best ideological approach to a socioeconomic system of governance which has been developed, still falls victim to the same contradictory nature which both Hegel and Rand attempted to explain under each of their own unique philosophies.Looking at the impact of globalization on the world economy, on firms, and on individuals, we can ask ourselves if a world culture emerges from globalization, or if .

Based on Wikipedia, the word "globalization" was first employed in a publication entitled Towards New Education in , to denote a holistic view of human experience in education. An early description of globalization was penned by the founder of the Bible Student movement Charles Taze Russell who.

This contribution addresses the phenomenon of globalization in its impact on the nature of work. Starting from an analysis and characterization of the general understanding of globalization, the contribution will attempt to identify those factors of globalization processes which appear to affect most strongly the work of different employment categories (e.g.

2 0 the impact of globalization in human

management, production workers. Aug 07,  · Alcohol consumption is another area in which the globalization of an industry has led to more health risks (Jernigan, ).However, unlike tobacco use, which substantially increases the risk of mortality from an impressive array of diseases (), the impact of alcohol consumption on health is much more kaja-net.com is a strong relationship between alcohol consumption and liver cirrhosis, some.

The Impact of Globalization on Inequalities and Poverty Stream 7: Development and Globalization: Concerning the impact of globalization on inequalities and poverty within the for medium human development countries was % in and % in , and for low human.

0 1 2 1. 7. Economic Globalization, Institutional Change and Human Security goods and services, private capital flows in different forms, foreign investment, technology transfers, operations of transnational enterprises, business travel and.

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